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A podcast about creating your own role-playing game, wargame and board game rules hosted by Tom Barbalet.

27. Curmudgeon of Middle-Earth [July 28, 2019]
  Barney Dicker returns to talk with Tom about a wide variety of topics concluding with post-narrativism. [ MP3 | link ]

26. Last Days Zombie Apocalypse, Warlords of Erehwon and Greenskins [July 21, 2019]
  Tom has a number of things to discuss. The Fellowship of the Rings film prompts Tom to talk more about green skins at some length. Tom spends thirty minutes with both the Last Days Zombie Apocalypse rule and Warlords of Erehwon. Even with thirty minutes of time with them, he has quite a bit to say. There is a footnote to how Games Workshop has found independent play testers for Warhammer 40k from the US. Interesting stuff. [ MP3 | link ]

25. That's No Good on a Star Map [June 27, 2019]
  Chris Abbott returns to talk about the lead pile. They explore the Chechen-ification of the Palladium rules focusing on Ninjas and Superspies. What about points and leveling up in games? Useful or generally problematic. Tom raises the importance of HeroForge in creating characters for modern games. Igor Karpov is responsible for the characterful Chechen miniatures from Tiny Terrain. The Oath: The Remarkable Story of a Surgeon's Life Under Fire in Chechnya by Khassan Baiev is the book Tom refers to in the discussion of a Chechen doctor. Chris wants to know more about Noble Warfare. Tom satirizes the current state of wargaming. Chris has been playing a dwarf fighter online. [ MP3 | link ]

24. Sourcing Shields [June 15, 2019]
  Tom welcomes back on Barney Dicker who produced a wonderful YouTube video with his son. Tom misspoke when describing the current Kev Adams offerings. The best place for new Kev Adams is Knightmare Miniatures with shields of interest from Black Tree Design (you have to ask for them especially). Knightmare also has a selection of green skin shields Tom offers some ideas on finding good sets of miniatures in the wild. Barney talks about the spectrum between war-games and roleplaying games meeting in skirmish games. This requires some discussion about Tom's experiences moving from 5th Edition to Just Plain Chaos in the work game. Barney also wants to know more about the Chechen rules in the work setting. [ MP3 | link ]

23. Tom the Ogre [June 2, 2019]
  Tom welcomes back Mathew Gibson who provides an update on his Dungeons and Dragons game including a named non-player miniature character. Mathew offers the topic of excess in gaming from which Tom frames a grim balance between commercial success and something important with a detour into psychedelia in gaming. Mathew raises a few more topics from prior podcasts concluding on home-brew rules: in a negative light? Never. [ MP3 | link ]

22. Card Game One [May 27, 2019]
  Tom talks about the lead pile, proposes a new card and dice game. He talks about considering playing Bolt Action (v2) and a little about the history of WW2 in film. [ MP3 | link ]

21. HeroQuest, Dracula and Songful German Birds [May 11, 2019]
  Tom is joined by listener Barney Dicker to talk about a wide variety of topics. They start talking about Inquisitor and Strontium Dog. The conversation takes a number of twists and turns but concludes with an affirmation that HeroQuest defined a good group of players. If you have questions or feedback please email barbalet at gmail dot com. Enjoy! [ MP3 | link ]

20. Criticism Has No Place in Wargaming [April 28, 2019]
  Tom discusses some history with a listener. What happened with the final Just Plain Chaos game? The Chechen rules will probably exist in the Palladium meta-verse. [ MP3 | link ]

19. Introduction to Noble Warfare [April 14, 2019]
  A lead pile update and Tom introduces his simulation, Noble Warfare. [ MP3 | link ]

18. Turn This Thing Around [March 31, 2019]
  A very nice chat with Chris Abbott prefaced on getting out more lead to listeners. [ MP3 | link ]

17. Drowning in Lead [March 29, 2019]
  Tom talks about unpainted lead and trying to tame this phenomenon. The listeners can take some of this lead off Tom's hands. Tom also talks about problems with the Just Plain Chaos rules update and painters. [ MP3 | link ]

16. Patriarchy, London, Questions and the American Civil War in Winter [March 5, 2019]
  Tom chats with Mathew Gibson about women in roleplaying. Going to be in London at the end of August? So is Tom. Questions from listener Mike King. Some future updates based on discovered miniatures. [ MP3 | link ]

15. The Very Best Of Experiences and Goblin Raiding Parties [January 27, 2019]
  Tom asks about the importance of GM Mathew's son's game. Mathew starts talking about his early experiences playing and why he doesn't want his son to have the same experiences. They discuss what the experiences are of the players and what the mentoring older GM role should be here. Mathew gives an elevator pitch on his card game. They discuss cooperative gaming and political based games although Mathew and Tom may have different ideas on diplomacy. [ MP3 | link ]

14. Rules Rippers [January 24, 2019]
  Chris asks why Tom needs his own rules. They explore the previously mentioned archetypes and how to counteract problems through games. How about the sheet grabber? There are some benefits in keeping a game in your head. Tom wants to talk about miniatures. Squares or hexs or neither. With stores it is either famine or feast. [ MP3 | link ]

13. No Rules Are Better [January 20, 2019]
  Tom welcomes on Mathew Gibson. They discuss Mathew's early experiences and Tom tries to talk about the religion of ADnD with the sadness that RuneQuest did not stay with Mathew long after his evangelism. Is there a contrast between richness of environments and complexity of rules. Tom asks about miniatures and provides some discussion of miniatures in Australia in the 1980s. They discuss narrative and whether it is possible to have a game with no rules. Tom outlines his plans with the First Chechen Wars rules and also a ruleset covering 600-1000 AD in England. The questions delve deep into the introduction of ideas through role playing. [ MP3 | link ]

12. House Rules Unearthed [January 17, 2019]
  Tom starts talking with Chris about Unearthed Arcana. They briefly touch on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle rules (circa 1985). Chris starts the discussion on house rules. This digresses quickly into a discussion of realism versus fun. Tom asks about Chris' house adventures. Magic seems to cause all kinds of problems. Tom raises the scarcity of weapons and the late-1980s idea of freeform role-playing where battles are few and far between. When you create games should you consider player archetypes? Mass battle concludes the recording with the promise of much more. [ MP3 | link ]

11. Waiting for Chechens [January 15, 2019]
  Tom covers a few topics solo with the promise of Chris' return. [ MP3 | link ]

10. Nurturing through Role Playing [January 10, 2019]
  Tom welcomes Chris Abbott onto the podcast and they discuss origins stories, ye olde games systems and favorite dynamics of Chris' in games. Tom asks about Chris' renaissance in role playing. Tom touches on the loss story and returns to the renaissance aspect. He then asks Chris to explore nurturing through role playing. [ MP3 | link ]

9. Topics of Whimsy [January 6, 2019]
  Tom revisits solo play testing for a listener, talks a little bit about attribution framed in Kev Adams addiction and welcomes the possibility of some dialog coming up. [ MP3 | link ]

8. Think Out of the Box [January 2, 2019]
  Tom starts the exploration of board game rules in contrast to roleplaying games and war-games. He explores strategy, resources and diplomacy. [ MP3 | link ]

7. Doing Damage [December 31, 2018]
  How do weapons impact gameplay? Are there interesting areas to explore when creating rules around weapons. [ MP3 | link ]

6. Wounds or Health [December 31, 2018]
  Tom explores the potential to create interesting rules around wounds or health in a game. What impact does the representation of these statistics have on gameplay. [ MP3 | link ]

5. Movement [December 31, 2018]
  One of the defining factors in any game is how movement is coordinated over turns. Tom looks at the many possibilities when creating rules of movement in games. [ MP3 | link ]

4. Solo Testing and Group Play Testing [December 26, 2018]
  Tom discusses how he tested the rules for Just Plain Chaos by himself before he took the rules to a group to play. He also talks about reaching out to square-base fantasy rules authors and Oldhammer players. [ MP3 | link ]

3. Three Dice Mechanics [December 25, 2018]
  Tom is recovering from a virus. It seems like the perfect time to tackle some dice mechanics. [ MP3 | link ]

2. Narrative, Setting and Skills [December 22, 2018]
  Tom introduces the Just Plain Chaos role-playing game rule set (PDF). He uses these rules to explore narrative, setting and providing interlinking skills as a means of stimulating game-play. [ MP3 | link ]

1. Introduction [December 20, 2018]
  Tom Barbalet introduces himself and the broad theme of the podcast. [ MP3 | link ]

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