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A podcast about creating your own role-playing game and wargame rules hosted by Tom Barbalet.

56. Clearly Someone Is Wrong! [September 3, 2021]
  Barney Dicker returns to explore his feedback from Adventures in Soothsaying. Tom discusses the holy grail of this game creation, providing rules people want to play.[ MP3 | link ]

55. Fascist Kitchenware [August 15, 2021]
  Two topics for this recording - what has happened to Sim Sea Lion and the myth of the friendly local games store. [ MP3 | link ]

54. Adventures in Soothsaying [August 8, 2021]
  Tom explores some periodic updates including the creation of an ork army, what violence means with daughters now and how to encourage creatives. [ MP3 | link ]

53. Sleep Deprived Updates [May 30, 2021]
  There are many different updates based on recent travels, thinking and general lack of sleep. Enjoy! [ MP3 | link ]

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